Watersports in Bali

Spice up your vacation with The Only Bali by trying various other new and interesting experiences such as watersports in Bali. We offer tour and travel services which of course have legality and have experience in their fields. With a fairly short time we guarantee your vacation will be the one and only the best and unforgettable vacation. Because in Bali there are so many tourist objects that you can visit, starting from beaches, lakes, hills, and many others. This island is famous for its beautiful beaches and sea, therefore many tourists are interested in trying watersports in Bali.
If you are one of the tourists who are interested in watersports in Bali, we are the right tour & travel choice to facilitate your vacation. Here are some types of Bali watersports that are of course in great demand by local and foreign tourists.

Jet Ski

Playing jetski is usually known as the activity of riding a boat that looks like a motorbike which is done on the surface of the water. A jet ski can usually accommodate 1 to two participants. The location of jet ski rides in Bali is almost widespread in several areas, but one of the most famous locations is Benoa, Bali

Banana Boat

The banana boat water rides in Bali are one of the most popular rides for Indonesian tourists who are on vacation with children. Because banana boat participants do not require special skills and can also be played by several tourists, so it becomes very exciting. Banana boat participants only need to sit on a boat that looks like a banana and hold on to the rope on the boat.


Seawalker activity is the activity of walking on the sea floor. To be able to walk on the seabed, each seawalker participant will wear an airtight helmet. By using an airtight helmet, Seawalker participants can breathe on the seabed, just like breathing on land. If you do not have the ability to swim, no need. The seawalker activity is designed for participants who do not have swimming or diving skills, but want to see the underwater scenery.
There are many more watersport rides which are certainly very interesting and mandatory for you to try as a complement to your vacation. So you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to have a vacation to this island because there are so many tourist options at affordable prices and of course very good service so that you can guarantee your comfort on vacation in Bali, one of which you can entrust travel agent The Only Bali who is of course experienced in terms of tour and travel. So what are you waiting for, let’s have a vacation to Bali with The Only Bali