Bali Waterpark

Bali Waterpark

Apart from being known for its tourism, Bali also has a myriad of recreational tourism objects such as Bali waterpark, water park, safaris and various artificial tourist objects that can attract tourists to visit these objects. Even so, water recreation attractions such as water parks and waterbooms are of course made in such a way as to characterize Bali which is so beautiful and also add a touch of Balinese culture in it.
Not infrequently, there are also many local and foreign tourists who are interested in visiting water attractions such as water parks and waterbooms because in addition to being able to play water by utilizing rides which are guaranteed to be safe, tourists can still feel the thick Balinese characteristics that blend with nature. Interested in visiting one of the waterparks in Bali? Here are some water tourism objects that are well known in Bali and of course have various facilities to support your vacation.

Waterboom Bali

Waterbom Bali is the largest water tourism spot in Bali, which is strategically located not far from Kuta beach, precisely on Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kec. Kuta. This tourist spot presents a variety of fun rides and of course you have to try the longest slide in Bali. In addition, there is a pool for adults and children alike.
The atmosphere that is presented in this place is also very interesting because it is very shady like a forest. Likewise, there are all kinds of complete facilities, such as an attractive gazebo, garden and restaurant. Meanwhile, the cost to enter this waterpark is IDR 200,000-300,000

Splash Waterpark

Splash Waterpark is one of the most famous water attractions in Bali, which is located on Jl. Berawa Beach, North Kuta. This waterpark is quite famous because of its strategic location and not far from several beaches around North Kuta. While the concept offered in this water park is a family concept that provides a pool for children and adults.
While the slide here is also quite long with the spiral slider which is also challenging. And there are various other supporting facilities that are certainly complete and clean with an entry fee of IDR 100,000-300,000

Circus Waterpark

Still in Badung Regency, there is also a Circus Waterpark which is located at Jl. Kediri, Tuban, Kec. Kuta. This water park is fairly new and is right next to Park 23 Mall. In addition, there are also many game rides here with spiral sliders which are certainly suitable for those who like challenging things, and there is also a mini spiral slider for children.
Not only that, this waterpark also has four types of swimming pools, which of course can be adjusted according to the wishes of visitors. To visit here you will be charged around IDR 100,000-200,000

Krisna Waterpark

Krisna Water Park which is located on Jl. Seririt-Singaraja, Buleleng which is in the Lovina Beach area. This waterpark is also interesting because it has a variety of interesting rides that are a pity to miss and are very suitable for families, because it offers several pools for adults and children alike.
In addition, this waterpark presents a spiral slider which is quite challenging, although not too high. And it has quite complete facilities, even though the cheap entrance ticket is only Rp. 40,000.

Citraland Waterpark

CitraLand Waterpark which is located on Jl. Cargo Permai, Ubung Kaja, Denpasar Utara. This water tourism spot is located in the Citraland Denpasar residential area which is not far from the road outside the city to Tabanan. This water tourist spot has a variety of really exciting rides, such as foam pools, medium to high speed water sliders that can boost your adrenaline, and many others. Other facilities provided in this place are also very complete and the entry price is also cheap, starting from IDR 35,000 on weekdays and IDR 50,000 on weekends.
So what are you waiting for, of course there are still many water attractions that you can visit with various types of facilities and designs. To make your trip easier, we all of The Only Bali team are ready to help you to provide travel accommodation to tour guides, so you don’t need to be confused anymore about having a vacation to the island of Bali. What are you waiting for, have a vacation to Bali and we will guarantee the comfort of your vacation.

Traveller Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali? One of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, which is certainly in great demand by local and foreign tourists. Many are interested in traveling to Bali because on this island there are indeed many unique tourist objects or traditions which are certainly very interesting to watch. If explored from end to end of the island, Bali is endless, and this is what makes many travelers fall in love so they decide to stay in Bali.
Tourists who come to Bali are indeed dominated by foreign tourists, but there are also many local tourists who visit here. The tourist destinations that must be visited are usually Kuta Beach, Legian, Ubud, and Seminyak. However, for travelers who want to explore Bali’s nature, here are some tourist spots that not many people know about in Bali.

West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park or abbreviated as TNBB. This West Bali National Park is one of a number of natural conservation areas in Bali ranging from dense forests, sea water, beaches, mountains to cute animals that visitors can enjoy. With an area of ​​about 77,000 hectares, the West Bali National Park is located on the western tip of the island of Bali, about 2 kilometers from the port at Bali Gilimanuk. What’s interesting is that the West Bali National Park area is located in 2 areas, namely Buleleng Regency and Jembrana Regency, Bali.

Taman Ujung Karangasem Water Palace

You may not hear this one tourist location so rarely. In fact, Taman Ujung Karangasem Water Palace has a lot of charm that is guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long time in Taman Ujung. The location of Taman Ujung Water Palace is in Banjar Ujung, Tumbu Village, Karangasem District, Bali, which is about 3 hours by car from Denpasar. The development of Taman Ujung Karangasem was carried out using the services of Dutch architecture van Den Hentz and architecture from China named Loto Ang. Even so, the water palace building was made using Balinese architectural designs. The construction of this palace was originally an extension of the Dirah Pond which had been built in 1901.

Mount Agung Besakih

The next tourist destination is an active volcanic volcano, namely Mount Agung. This mountain is the highest mountain on the island of Bali, which reaches 3,031 meters above sea level. For you nature lovers who like to climb, Mount Agung is a must-visit destination. From the top of the highest mountain on the island of Bali, the natural scenery is so enchanting and unforgettable. On the east side, you can see Mount Rinjani in Lombok. In the South is the beautiful charm of Nusa Penida Island. While in the west, Lake Batur and Batur Beach are waiting.
In addition to the three tourist attractions, there are still many other areas that have not been touched and of course they are still thick with culture, natural scenery and the natural products it produces. Indeed, there are so many natural resources on this island. Are you interested in visiting it? We, The Only Bali, are ready to assist you in preparing accommodation and tour guides who are professional and of course experienced in their fields so that they can facilitate all your traveling needs in Bali.

Watersports in Bali

Spice up your vacation with The Only Bali by trying various other new and interesting experiences such as watersports in Bali. We offer tour and travel services which of course have legality and have experience in their fields. With a fairly short time we guarantee your vacation will be the one and only the best and unforgettable vacation. Because in Bali there are so many tourist objects that you can visit, starting from beaches, lakes, hills, and many others. This island is famous for its beautiful beaches and sea, therefore many tourists are interested in trying watersports in Bali.
If you are one of the tourists who are interested in watersports in Bali, we are the right tour & travel choice to facilitate your vacation. Here are some types of Bali watersports that are of course in great demand by local and foreign tourists.

Jet Ski

Playing jetski is usually known as the activity of riding a boat that looks like a motorbike which is done on the surface of the water. A jet ski can usually accommodate 1 to two participants. The location of jet ski rides in Bali is almost widespread in several areas, but one of the most famous locations is Benoa, Bali

Banana Boat

The banana boat water rides in Bali are one of the most popular rides for Indonesian tourists who are on vacation with children. Because banana boat participants do not require special skills and can also be played by several tourists, so it becomes very exciting. Banana boat participants only need to sit on a boat that looks like a banana and hold on to the rope on the boat.


Seawalker activity is the activity of walking on the sea floor. To be able to walk on the seabed, each seawalker participant will wear an airtight helmet. By using an airtight helmet, Seawalker participants can breathe on the seabed, just like breathing on land. If you do not have the ability to swim, no need. The seawalker activity is designed for participants who do not have swimming or diving skills, but want to see the underwater scenery.
There are many more watersport rides which are certainly very interesting and mandatory for you to try as a complement to your vacation. So you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to have a vacation to this island because there are so many tourist options at affordable prices and of course very good service so that you can guarantee your comfort on vacation in Bali, one of which you can entrust travel agent The Only Bali who is of course experienced in terms of tour and travel. So what are you waiting for, let’s have a vacation to Bali with The Only Bali